FNSS AV8 was Displayed First Time in DSA 2014

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014 Update: May 21, 2014

AV8 were displayed first time in Deftech stand with two different configurations; 25 mm Sharpshooter Turret by FNSS and 30mm Sharpshooter Turret by Denel in DSA 2014. Within the scope of programme, 2 variant of vehicles acceptance tests are expected to commence in coming months. Rest of other variants acceptance test will begin program schedule. Serial production phase is planning to begin when the acceptance test is going to be confirmed by Malaysian defence authorities

The Pars forms the basis of the 8x8 AV8 vehicle, which Deftech, in cooperation with FNSS, is developing for the Malaysian Armed Forces. FNSS would be responsible for the development of vehicles, shared production of the platforms for vehicles, subsystem integration and system integration and system performance within the framework of the project.