FNSS Continues to Grow With Its Solution Partners

As the leading company in Turkey in Armored Combat Vehicles, FNSS held a Solution Partners Conference on 7 January 2010 to exchan

Issue 20 - January 2010

Speaking at the opening of the Conference, FNSS Marketing and Strategy Director Mr. Haluk Bulucu provided information on the relations performance of the Company with the supply industry. Haluk Bulucu went on to indicate that since its founding to the present day FNSS has undergone important stages and that during this time they had specialized in domestic and foreign markets with the design and production of Tracked Armored Combat Vehicles, Weapon turrets and armored vehicle modernization. In particular, they had achieved important successes in exports and with projects realized in Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UAE, Bahrain, and the Philippines, export figures had reached 2.1 billion USD. Touching on the relations with sub-contractors, Bulucu mentioned that they had worked with 270 local and 160 foreign companies in 2009 and in this way had obtained savings in costs, transport and customs expenditures.

Later taking the floor, FNNS General Manager Nail Kurt touched on the 10 year vision of FNSS underlining the fact that during these ten years they would open and operate new facilities in target markets and stated that they had targeted localization in every country. In addition, he added that they had moved forward significantly with projects carried out in Malaysia, Indonesia, Oman, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Afterwards, while the Assistant General Secretary of SaSaD Mr.Y?lmaz Küçükseyhan spoke on external KOB? and Vakifbank credits, Mr. Fuat Akçayöz, Aselsan Group President gave important information on Aselsan’s collaborations with other parties. The Head of the Department of Industrialization Ms. Nuran ?nci explained the SSM’s vision for the supply industry and gave detailed information on the KOB? Consultancy Center. While OST?M Grouping‘s Chairman of the Board Mr. Orhan Ayd?n and Mr. Bar?? Cihan Ba?er mentioned their expectations from the main contractors, Mr. Murat Kepir, Advisor to the President of KOSGEB emphasized what supply industries can gain from existing incentives while the speech delivered by Mr. ?ükrü Tetik, General Manager of Co?kunöz Metal Form and Makina Ind. A.?. on the responsibilities of the parties drew great interest Mr Azmi Biçkes, President of MÜSAN Co. emphasized his thoughts on further cooperation and the need for support.

After these remarks, a tour of the plant took place and FNSS’s latest prototype of the Amphibious Assault Bridge with Rubber Wheels was introduced and a demonstration involving the PARS 6x6 Armored Wheeled Vehicle and Tracked Armored Vehicles were presented.

FNSS defined its vision for the next ten years (2010-2020) and asserted that, “FNSS will continue to be the largest land systems company in the domestic market and that in the foreign market it will be the local company as the preference of foreign customers.” In other words, FNSS is taking steps to be the local company in other countries. In the last 20 years FNSS has established a large network of sub-contractors and in the next 10 years has targeted to include in its network a more capable class of sub-contractors that can also carry out design work. Strategically, FNSS has a small, flexible and a very capable structure and while it grows in the next 10 years it will protect its structure, responsibilities and earnings by focusing its expansion on sharing it with capable sub-contractors.