FNSS General Manager & CEO Nail KURT Evaluates 2020 and Future Outlook

General Manager and CEO of FNSS Nail KURT recently talked with Turkey’s major defense industry magazines during the live stream on FNSS’s YouTube account. Defence Turkey’s Managing Editor, Cem AKALIN, Executive Editor of MSI Magazine Ümit BAYRAKTAR, Editor in Chief of C4 Defence Özgür EKŞİ and Anadolu Agency’s Reporter Göksel YILDIRIM attended the live stream where Nail KURT answered some “burning questions” and he provided candid statements on the measures adopted by FNSS throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the company’s export activities and ongoing projects during this period.

Date: Issue 100 - August 2020

Underlining that their company had adopted measures against COVID-19 pandemic quite early, KURT added that in particular, they took steps to increase communication by establishing a committee that involved contributions from certain departments to implement the precautions that need to be adopted. KURT continued, “FNSS faced the pandemic with early measures. We have been following the developments very closely since February, and we have worked on increasing awareness about this pandemic. We placed special importance on communication and built a committee with valuable contributions from our unit related to healthcare and from our legal department. Our aim was to be able to make immediate decisions on the measures that had to be adopted. Since February, we have been doing the best that we can possibly do in this respect. We have adopted measures with the highest standards of hygiene.  When the virus began to spread in Turkey, stricter measures came up on our agenda. Foremost among these was our decision to request our employees to take their annual leave early; this usually takes place during summertime. We applied an earlier date for this and thought that we could prevent the spread of the pandemic by implementing it in March, at least in the company. So, in a way, we temporarily closed the company for three weeks. This has been quite advantageous for our employees and their families. As we relaunched our activities, we thought of ways to keep our staff of 1,000 distant from each other in order to maintain social distancing. Throughout this maintenance period, we never had more than 100-150 staff on site at one time at the company. To prevent any delays in ongoing project deliveries, a part of our workforce, never exceeding 150 people, worked in the office.” 

FNSS General Manager and CEO Nail KURT: “On account of the measures we adopted, only two of our colleagues have been diagnosed with COVID-19 so far.”