FNSS is Carrying its Collaboration with the Supply Industry to a New Structural Level in the Future

FNSS, as an indication of its understanding in sustainable quality management, and in order to provide certification to its suppliers that exhibit high performance, has

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014

The FNSS Approved Supplier Certificates were presented to their owners in a ceremony that took place at FNSS’ Gölbaşı facilities. Aside from the representatives of companies that won the right to receive the certificates, the ceremony was attended by FNSS General Manager Nail Kurt, the Director of the Wheeled Vehicles and Special Purpose Projects Group of the Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (SSM), Kemal Uyar, and many other guests. Speaking at the ceremony, Kemal Uyar said that within the coverage of SSM’s target to develop the integration of SMEs and the supply industry and in expanding the supply base to SMEs, FNSS had sought to provide certification to domestic suppliers as of January 2012. In his remarks Uyar also indicated that as a continuation of the understanding in sustainable quality management, the basic aim in providing certification to suppliers that exhibit high performance, was, “by obtaining an effective, productive, sustainable and systematic approach in the supply management process, to create a joint quality culture based on mutual trust and in future years obtain zero-defect material purchases.” 

FNSS General Manager Nail Kurt stated that since the year 2005 to the present time, FNSS has directed itself to products that it has designed and that on this matter have put hand-in-hand together with suppliers thus reaching an important level and that in the period ahead the aim was to increase their strategy together in this collaboration. Kurt, indicating that since its founding to the present they had received contracts worth approximately 3.5 billion USD and that in the last 20-25 years had provided contracts worth around 400-450 million USD to the sub-industry, stated that  this rate would further increase when they designed and produced the product together with the sub-industry.