FNSS is the Major Supplier of Frontline Armored Combat Vehicles to Turkish Armed Forces

FNSS Business Development Director - Hakkı Burak SAĞ shed light on its expectations & strategic objectives in 2024, ongoing programs at home as well as its future prediction for our readers.

Date: Issue 128 - March 2024 Update: April 21, 2024

Defence Turkey: FNSS has designed and produced specialized, efficient, reliable, and innovative armored vehicles and delivered thousands of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles to domestic and international users. Could we start out our interview with information on the performance of FNSS Defence Systems, one of Türkiye's leading land system companies? Additionally, could you share FNSS's expectations and strategic objectives for 2024 with us? 

Hakkı Burak SAĞ: FNSS has undertaken critical roles in establishing and sustaining the combat power of the Turkish Armed Forces since its establishment. Especially after 2014, vehicles developed domestically and nationally with FNSS engineering capabilities have successfully served as force multipliers for our Armed Forces on land.