FNSS Opens its Doors to Model Fans for the 11th Time with Military Land Vehicles Model Competition

Date: Issue 87 - December 2018

The 11th FNSS Military Land Vehicles Model Competition award ceremony was held on September 9th and brought together not only the military modelers but also fans from all over Turkey at FNSS facilities in Ankara-Gölbaşı

At previous events, master modelers were hosted from the USA, Poland, Germany and Spain. In this 11th competition, a modeler from the Association of Mongolian Plastic Designers was hosted as a guest contestant also with the contributions of the Embassy of Mongolia in Turkey and Turkish Airlines.

This year, 45 contestants in 10 different categories were awarded in the event, which has been improving its participation capacity each year with the motto “Produce, Have Fun, Share”. 

1st Category: Military Tracked Land Vehicles 1914-1945 World Wars (Code: 1K) 

2nd Category: Military Wheeled and Semi-Tracked Land Vehicles 1914-1945 World Wars (Code: 2K)

3rd Category: Modern Military Land Vehicles from 1945 and Onwards (Code: 3K)

4th Category: Military Figures (Code: 4K) 

5th Category: Diorama (Code: 5K) 

6th Category: 1:48 Scale (Code: 6K)

7th Category: 1:72 Scale (Code: 7K) 

8th Category: “What-If” Land Vehicles (Code: 8K)

9th Category: Military Land Vehicles used by the Turkish Armed Forces (Code: 9K) 

10th Category: Young Modelers (under age 18)

Özgür Güner hosted a seminar titled “Current Trends in Modeling” and the event ended with the demonstration of PARS-III 8x8 and Tracked ACV 15 vehicles produced by FNSS in the test area.

The event, where the participation of particularly young modelers is gradually increasing, holds a significant place among FNSS’s corporate social responsibility activities.  The event is exceptional as it is organized by a defence company and thus it offers a unique experience for modelers that are fond of military land vehicles.