FNSS` Press Meeting for 4th Generation Armored Combat Vehicles, Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle, and Turret Systems

FNSS Defense Systems Inc., one of Turkey`s leading land defense systems companies, has delivered thousands of different types of tracked and wheeled armored vehicles to its users in Turkey and abroad and designs and manufactures tailor-made, effective, reliable, and innovative tracked and wheeled armored vehicles. At IDEF `21 Fair, FNSS held a press meeting for the New Generation Armored Combat Vehicles, Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle, and Turret Systems at its booth on August 18, 2021, and introduced the heavy class GÖLGE SÜVARİ (SHADOW RIDER) Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) built on the newly developed M113 ZPT platform, the PARS IV 8x8 New Generation Wheeled Armored Vehicle proposed for the New Generation Light Armored Vehicle (YNHZA) Project, and its Turret Systems.

Date: Issue 110 - October 2021

Speaking at the press meeting, FNSS Defense Systems General Manager and CEO Nail KURT stated that FNSS continued intensive efforts for the indigenization of critical subsystems on tracked and wheeled armored combat vehicles ranging from 10 tons to 35-40 tons in its product portfolio and said, "Minimizing foreign dependency in critical systems has always been our sole goal." KURT shared the following information about the ongoing indigenization efforts:

"In the vehicles we produce, we achieved record local content rate in land systems of their own class in Turkey. Beyond that, we have taken important steps for the localization of critical systems and subsystems, which are difficult to procure due to the developments in international relations, especially in the last three to five years. To briefly talk about these, we are using an increasing number of domestic engines. Also, together with our next-door neighbor Miilux OY, qualified armors of specific thicknesses, especially in terms of manufacturability, by giving them full support. We continue to work on extending this capability to a full spectrum.