FNSS Showcases New Products at IDEF’15

FNSS one of the biggest Land Vehicle producers of Turkey, unveiled its new generation platform,“

Date: Issue 62 - June 2015

FNSS General Manager Nail Kurt giving a short speech at the launch ceremony, said that FNSS starting its adventure in the sector as the first Defense Industry Company 25 years ago, it has carried the task given to it to the excellence level during the first 10 years and developed itself up to a level to design the product fully which was initially given to it only with a manufacturing licence and in this way, during that period, has succeeded to increase the local contribution to the 80% levels. Kurt, reminding that the company had made its first system exports towards the end of the 1990’s said; “This pride statement of the first ten years would certainly be not adequate for Turkey and our sector entering the millennium. As a company renovating itself continuously and targeting to be the best in its field, we started to include our indigenous projects during the beginning of the 2000’s.  Kurt attracting attention to the fact that FNSS introduced 8x8 and 6x6 Pars family firstly and in a short period of time, succeeding to race with its other upper level worldly competitors created a product that has broken its way from among them obtaining important bids, recorded that the Malaysian AV8 Project is the result of this condition. FNSS CEO continued his speech as such; “The sector strategies of our State, the Defense Industry Undersecretariat have also been of great support for us and monitored us too. Moreover, as a result of the establishment and supporting of R&D centers in our Ministry of Industry and an important R&D center entered into activity at the FNSS premises.  All these came to life with the provision of the support of our sector with the correct strategies by our State and as a result of FNSS acting very dynamically with overlapping vision and missions.”

Nail Kurt saying that they have come together to introduce two important products with the aim to provide for the needs of Turkey and friendly countries as to the developing Technologies in the world, expressed that such indigenous design and development activities must be supported by all segments of society and especially the press. Nail Kurt, emphasizing that performing only domestic productionfor a country like Turkey would not be enough any more,  said in his speech “From now on we must develop our indigenous domestic products by domestic designing as well we will created the value added only in this way.” After the speech of Nail Kurt the veil on the products was opened and the new products were introduced to publicity.