FNSS - The World’s Notable Turkish Partner in Innovative Products

FNSS showcases the future of Land Platforms at IDEF’ 17.Continuing to expand its product family with innovative products, FNSS is launching new vehicles and displaying the latest development with its new platforms at IDEF 2017

Date: Issue 74 - May 2017

The eyes of the industry will be focused on FNSS as they display their cutting-edge products, KAPLAN-30, the PARS III 8x8 and PARS III 6x6 Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicles, the PARS SCOUT 6x6 Special Purpose Tactical Wheeled Armoured Vehicle, the ACV Modernization, and the TEBER-30 Two-Man Turret. Following the initial launch of its design concept in Indonesia, the KAPLAN MT Medium Weight Tank prototype will be showcased for the first time in this event.

Mr. K. Nail Kurt, General Manager and CEO of FNSS, summarised the progress FNSS has made thus far as follows: “In line with the strategic plan we laid out five years ago, we acted proactively by investing in the technologies and capabilities required by both the Turkish Armed Forces and armies around the world. The result was our family of tracked armoured combat vehicles from 15 to 30 tons, capable of responding to different requirements; our family of wheeled armoured vehicles from 4x4 to 8x8; and our family of armoured engineering vehicles that comprises the SAMUR and KUNDUZ. In addition to these already existing families, we are now preparing to introduce the KAPLAN MT Modern Medium Weight Tank and the ZAHA Amphibious Armoured Assault Vehicle. Furthermore, we also meet our customers’ weapon-related needs through our manned and unmanned turrets equipped with 25, 30 and 40 mm weapons. Today, with its wide-ranging product family, and the effectiveness and technology that characterises its products, FNSS stands as one of the world’s leading land platform manufacturers.”