FNSS to Showcase Its Latest Solutions at IDEF`21

Date: Issue 109 - August 2021

This year, FNSS will display PARS IV 6x6 Special Operations Vehicle and the Marine Assault Vehicle (MAV) with the SANCAK and CAKA Remote Controlled Turret (RCT) systems at the IDEF'21 15th International Defense Industry Fair.

The globally recognized land systems company FNSS specializes in designing and producing wheeled and tracked armored combat vehicles as well as combat engineering vehicles, turrets, and sustainability solutions. As the preferred solution provider of users in various countries, the Company has delivered thousands of armored combat vehicles worldwide. Thanks to its competent and dynamic workforce, FNSS offers innovative solutions throughout the entire product life cycle, from the design phase to the end of service life. Ever since the first roll-out in 1990, the Company has continuously improved its vehicle design and production capabilities in line with the requirements of its users. FNSS' KAPLAN class tracked armored product family, and PARS wheeled armored vehicles are poised to shape new generation combat vehicle trends well into the 21st century.