Fokker Elmo announces its new manufacturing facility in Izmir,

Fokker Elmo, a division of Stork Aerospace, and the Aegean Free Zone Development & Operating Company (ESBAS) have signed the official contract for the start of a new wiring s

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

The Aegean Free Zone in Izmir has been chosen because of the good conditions that

have been created for international companies in terms of business development,

labour, set up time, and environment. Also the excellent cooperation with the Under

Secretariat for Defence (SSM) has positively influenced the choice for Turkey and Izmir.

Fokker Elmo customers Boeing, EADS and Lockheed Martin were closely involved and

supportive from the start of this project.

Fokker Elmo, is a Stork Aerospace operating company and internationally recognized

as a prime specialist in electrical interconnection systems for aircraft and aircraft

engines, the company holds a number two market position. The Izmir Facility is the

fourth location of Fokker Elmo, the company already owns factories in the Netherlands,

China and the USA.

Jan Lagasse, Managing Director of Fokker Elmo, said: "A tremendous performance has

been achieved by a large multidisciplinary Fokker Elmo team in partnership with

ESBAS, SSM and our customers Boeing, EADS and Lockheed Martin. Within a very

short time and working simultaneously an excellent location has been found where we

can set-up our new facility and apply our proven business model. With the increased

global presence and using our unique Wiring Design and Manufacturing System we can

even better serve our aerospace and defence customers.”

Kaya Tuncer, Chairman of ESBAS, welcomes Fokker Elmo and wishes Mr. Jan

Lagasse and his team success in their operations at ESBAS. He indicated that the

ESBAS team will continue to provide its full support to his firm in achieving their goals

Fokker Elmo will be an important addition to ESBAS’s efforts to create an Aerospace,

Aviation, and Avionics Cluster (AAA Cluster) at the Aegean Free Zone, Turkey’s

foremost, hi-tech industrial park. Mr Tuncer added that—with substantial progress

being made to develop an ESBAS Technical Training Center—well-qualified labor for

Fokker Elmo and other aerospace firms such as PFW and Lisi will be abundantly

available in Izmir.

Stork Aerospace develops and produces advanced structures and electrical systems for

the aerospace industry, and supplies integrated maintenance services and products to

aircraft owners and operators. In 2006 the group achieved a turnover of € 548 million

with 3,532 employees out of the total Stork turnover of € 2.09 billion