FS Languedoc (D-653) Frigate Visited Sarayburnu Port

The FS Languedoc (D-653), one of the Aquitaine Class (FREMM ASW Class) Frigates in service with the French Navy, visited İstanbul on June 7th and docked at Sarayburnu Port. The frigate Languedoc, which joined NATO`s Standing Maritime Group 2 for the second time in less than a year, became the second French warship to visit İstanbul in 2023, following the frigate Alsace (D-656), which visited İstanbul in January.

Date: Issue 123 - July 2023 Update: May 19, 2024

Defence Türkiye Magazine was also among the guests at the reception held on the evening of June 7th. The opening speech of the reception was delivered by the Commanding Officer, Captain Laurent SAUNOIS, in the presence of numerous attendees, including Deputy Governor of İstanbul Özlem BOZKURT GEVREK, İstanbul Strait Commander Rear Admiral (LH) Semih OZANGÜÇ, French Consul General in İstanbul Olivier GAUVIN, high-ranking officers from the Turkish Naval Forces and NATO member countries (Attachés), as well as Consuls General and Diplomatic Representatives serving in İstanbul.

Recalling the longstanding acquaintance and over half a century of NATO alliance between the Turkish and French Navies, Captain SAUNOIS emphasized their joint efforts toward professional excellence. "Our ships in the Mediterranean regularly collaborate within the framework of NATO's Standing Forces, fostering a strong strategic dialogue. Tonight, we will celebrate the mutual trust that strengthens our relationship through this acquaintance."