GABYA and BARBAROS Class Frigates Upgraded with Aselsan Naval Gyrocompass System

Date: Issue 106 - May 2021

According to the 35th issue of Aselsan's monthly "A Bulletin," the final acceptance process of the TCG BARBAROS and TCG GÖKSU Frigates modernized with Aselsan Naval Gyrocompass System has been completed. Within the scope of the project carried out to upgrade the primary/backup gyrocompass systems of GABYA and BARBAROS Class Frigates, Harbor Acceptance and Sea Acceptance Tests of Aselsan ANS510D Naval Inertial Navigation System were carried out at Gölcük Naval Base with the participation of senior officials from the Ministry of National Defense and the Naval Forces Command.

The ANS-510D Naval Gyro System is an Inertial Navigation System with an embedded GPS receiver and a long-distance navigation system, and it continuously provides the linear acceleration, linear and angular velocity, position, attitude, and heading to the host vehicle. ANS-510D can provide integrated/hybrid (Inertial + GPS), inertial only, and only GPS navigation simultaneously and operate with an external GPS receiver. The Naval Gyrocompass System consists of the ANS-510D Inertial Navigation System, the Synchro Converter Unit (SCU), which provides compatibility with the host platform interface, and the Control Display Unit (CDU).