GE Signed an Agreement with STM Regarding the Supply of the LM2500 Gas Turbine

Date: Issue 62 - June 2015

GE Marine, announced that they have signed an agreement with STM for the provision of power to the third and fourth multi-role MİLGEM corvettes,for the Turkish Naval Forces at the IDEF’ 15 fair.

The multi-role MILGEM corvettes,of which the construction is still in progress; 3rd, F-513 “Burgazada” and the 4th, F-514 “Kınalıada”, will be powered by LM2500 gas turbines. Deputy President responsible for GE Marine Operations, Brien Bolsinger of GE Aviation at Evendale, Ohio, said, “ We are glad for the preference of our LM2500 popular gas turbines by the Turkish Navy for the provision of power for its two new MİLGEM corvettes. Along with this, we also want to work together in the programmes of the naval forces in Turkey and in the world in general by strengthening the strategic relationships we already possess in the country”.