GIFAS Visits Aerospace Clustering Association (ACA) in İzmir

Osman Okyay, President, Aerospace Clustering Association (ACA)

Date: Issue 50 - March 2014

Since its foundation in January 2010, Aerospace Clustering Association (ACA) in Izmir emphatically continues its progressive activities in aerospace. During the past years, ACA highly focused on developing strong relations with local industry and universities as well as international aerospace clusters and associations. Main objectives of ACA is to facilitate the development of SME’s capabilities for their integration to aerospace and defence related projects, supporting the efforts in training/ educating qualified technicians/technical experts for creating a talent pool and supporting the efforts in enhancing technical/technological infrastructure in the aerospace, space and defence industries in Turkey.

After signing MOU’s with major German aerospace clusters like Hanse Aerospace e.V, Aviabelt e.V., BavAiria e.v., ACA has joined “European Aerospace Cluster Partnership (EACP)” as the first aerospace cluster from Turkey, in 2011. Consequently, this membership boosted the intensity of collaboration with international clusters, as well as created awareness in aerospace industry dynamics at European level. ACA is now an active member of EACP and intends to take part in several projects relevant to its goals and objectives in near future.