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Global Medical Product Manufacturers Convened at Online Military Medical WebEx

June 10, 2020

Leading representatives of the military medical industry came together with the military procurement offices of various countries at the Military Medical Web Exhibition on 9-10 June 2020.

Aiming to bring the military medical sector together, the world’s first online military medical fair provided the opportunity to discuss how COVID-19 Pandemic affects the international military systems, the current situation of the medical supply chains, Military Medical requirements of countries and the measures taken against the outbreak.

During the Military Medical Weber, a total of 104 meetings were held with the participation of 62 companies from 16 countries including the United States, Bangladesh, Colombia, Pakistan, the United Kingdom, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Afghanistan.

Moderated by Hakan Çelik, the first webinar on “The Inauguration Ceremony: Threats and Success Stories of Bio Defence” was held with the participation of Hakan Kurt, Managing Director, Military Medical Web Exhibition and Colonel Dr. Xhevdet Tahiraj Director of Department for Medical Issues at Ministry of Defense of Kosovo.

During Military Medical Webex, which offered web-based B2G meetings with Military Medical Supply Offices, the number of participants was limited to 1000 people.