Global Observer, HALE Class UAS

Issue 55 - November -0001

Unmanned Aircraft System Overview

Global Observer (GO), is a High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) unmanned aircraft system (UAS). It combines the best attributes of satellites and both manned and unmanned aircraft. From the stratosphere Global Observer will act like a 12-mile-high, redeployable satellite to provide coverage over an area of up to 600 mile in diameter. Every GO component is designed for maximum flexibility and flight endurance – 3 to 4 times that any other fixed wing aircraft. A revolutionary liquid hydrogen-fueled propulsion system, coupled with extremely light but durable airframe, enable significant benefits and capabilities never thought possible. A single tank of fuel is enough for 7 days of endurance. A SIXTY-SIX tons of Fossil Fuel consuming mission can be achieved with just ONE ton of Hydrogen Fuel.