GLOBAL TEKNIK provides Defence ,Automation Home Land Solutions

Global Teknik specialize in providing comprehensive “Defence ,Automation

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

The factory was established in Ankara 1st Organized Industrial Zone and has NATO Facility Security Certification as well as having NATO clearances.

Global Teknik is a certified source for designing and manufacturing of “Unmanned Vehicles” used for close range Surveillance and Reconnaissance missions of Military/Civil air , land and sea applications.

As the latest product based on it’s advanced technology called The Mini Unmanned Air Vehicle(GLOBIHA)” is being produced for confronting the domestic needs and following a parallel path to meet the world market’s demand.

The GLOBIHA mini UAV, provides it’s operators instant reconnaissance capability together with video and telemetry data by it’s unique software interface and Real Time Control hardware in 15km range and 1,5 hrs flight endurance. With minimal training even unexperienced operator can control all the stages of mission under difficult weather conditions by day and by night. At the end of the mission GLOBİHA returns to its preprogrammed recovery point by landing on its strong body without any damage to its payload. GLOBİHA can be ready for its next mission within minutes after changing the battery. .

The GLOBİHA is made of lightweight composite material and it is designed to disassemble into several pieces and it fits into one individual back-pack. It can be transported, assembled in less than 10 minutes, easy hand launched ,and operated by two persons after simple training without additional stuff requirement. It’s wing span size is 1510 mm and the length is 1400 mm. It can be used for special ,urban operations by military as well as measuring the level of dangerous gases released during forest fires and law enforcement of civil companies

Another high tech product of Global Teknik called “High Speed Unmanned Sea Vehicle, (GLOBIDA)” is designed for the needs of Navy during military exercises.Global Teknik’s Research and Development department is continuously working to develop available products and new products on the base of technological needs.Besides manufacturing Unmanned Vehicles Global Teknik is active in the following areas;Internal design ofMilitary/Civil Shelters(Shelterization),Supply of Real Life Support Equipments for military exercises or mobile camps and technical service laboratory ESD (Electrostatic Discharge)orkbenches.Contract Manufacturing for Harness and Cable Assembly together with its affiliated companies,High quality Electro-Mechanical and BAssembly,Military/Civil Composite Parts Manufacturing at very competitive prices for Defense –Space-Automotive Industry(The composite spare parts of aircraft, helicopter, Automotive, Tank, satellite, etc.) by computer supported 3D design and CAD/CAM modeling of the moulds Tracking Console manufacturing under the license of foreign manufacturer in Turkey at military standards for Command Control Systems. It offers users a powerful and intuitive interface for multiple target data presentation coming from a wide variety of acquisition chains. Within an operational room system architecture, this dual-screen console is able to perform many tasks.
Manufacturing and Software Development of the Cargo/Vehicle Inspection System (X-Ray system) under the license in Turkey with strategic partnerships.Establishment ,System Integration and Engineering Services of EU Standard EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility) Laboratories together with leading international anufacturers.)10m (Semi Anechoic Chamber – SAC) 3m (Fully Anechoic Chamber - FAC) EMC Turnkey Home Land Security Projects.(Services includes outsourcing and offshore, system integration, application development, software and consulting, quality assurance, training and after sales services) Global Teknik is certified military spare parts and Mini UAV supplier to NATO/NAMSA with NCage Code: T6715, also is a member of “International Unmanned Vehicle System Producers Association ”and “Defence Industry Manufacturers Association (SASAD)”.