Grup Impeks Break into Markets with its Expertise in Ballistic Equipments

Date: Issue 60 - May 2015

Grup Impeks Metal Industry and Foreign Trade Ltd. Company was established at 1991 as a leading Import Company of Seamless Steel Pipe in Turkey with international presence and subsidiaries around the world. By the time we reach to year 2004 we have seen the lack of Military products supply at our region, Close east and Africa market with efficiency and quality of Turkish management output.

When we have started to Military  business we were only  working with a few producer companies for manufacture and needs of our clients for raw materials at sewing factories of their own. Since then, through continuous creative and innovative works, consultation of experts, strategic collaborations and completed projects over last decade allowed Grup Impeks to a growth of wide range of products to be exported not only to limited African Markets but to Middle East countries of Saudia Arabia, UAE and Qatar and also to extend to Africa by Sudan, Nigeria, Angola & Libya and then to Southern Europe; Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Germany and Russia with full range of  Military, Security and Police equipment,ballistic equipment & all types of Textile, quick consumption products, retail, industrial machinery & spare parts, dry food and turnkey projects. Grup Impeks  aiming to specialize more on ballistic equipments with multinational consultancies we are getting and  r&d investments of ours. We are also, in service of to satisfy our clients fully with logistic requirements and after sales follow-up with warranties.