Grup Impeks is Targeting to Double its Export Market Share in Africa & Middle East with its new Facility Investment

Issue 74

“In order to maintain continuity for specific products you have to follow the latest developments and keep yourself updated. While getting prepared for IDEF’17, we are looking for to meet major players of the defense industry and to expose our products for new markets.”

Grup Impeks Ltd. Company is a full-fledged Foreign Trade Company, rendering services to all markets in terms of procurement and logistics. In preparation to attend IDEF’17 with R&D generated products of Ballistic Equipments and Full-featured Uniforms of tactical and operational usage, we are ready to display our own Ballistic product ranges from our newly established factory in Turkey finally. 

“Grup Impeks is planning to export 2/3 of  its production.”

With the support of Turkish Exporters Assembly and Turkey’s vision for 2023 we are about to establish our R&D Center and we believe that following those investments our export figures will increase each year. The Defence Industry and Security sector is growing rapidly by chancing of political conjuncture and the conflict atmosphere of the world, so requirements for Defense systems are increasing. We strongly urge that advanced technologies should come along as priority. We are about to a growth of wide range of our continuous products along with new ones to be exported all African Markets, Middle East of; Saudi Arabia, UAE,  Qatar; and to Southern Europe; Macedonia, Albania, Croatia, Germany and Russia with full range of Military, Security and Police Equipment, Corporate designs for all kinds of uniforms and work clothes, Ballistic Equipment & various Medical Kits, all types of Textile, FMCG, Retail, Industrial Machinery & Spare Parts, Dry & Innovative Food and Turnkey Projects with operation, logistics and transportation services.

“In this context IDEF’17 fair is very important for our company not only to reach new markets but also to show our clients and to all visitors, the level of competency that Turkey has reached and the technology has been achieved.”

The development and growth of our sector and each investment made to this end will be a source of success for us on behalf of our customers. As the military forces around the world become increasingly sophisticated and the Defence Industry is a key strategic sector which constantly grows and bodes well for our country’s future, we are and we will always proud to be part of it.