Guardia di Finanza opens Air-Naval Operations Simulation Centre in Italy

Date: Issue 121 - April 2023

Guardia di Finanza (Italy’s Police Force, with general capability in economic and financial matters, is the only maritime Police Force in Italy) opened its Air-Naval Operations Simulation Center during an official ceremony in the presence of institutional and Leonardo representatives. The new center was developed by the company starting in 2020. Based on customer’s requirements, it leverages the most advanced and innovative technologies in the simulation field and aims to train Guardia di Finanza’s crews carrying out air-naval operations. 

The new center, a one-of-a-kind in Europe, integrates advanced network simulation systems in a single environment. The simulators fully mirror Leonardo’s helicopters and airplanes, which have recently been acquired by Guardia di Finanza and used for a range of operational roles, in addition to the company’s onboard mission systems used for surveillance and identification. These add to a scenario simulator, developed by Leonardo, which can virtually generate the environment where platforms and personnel collaborate on a single mission, a vessel instrument panel simulator which also introduces ships in a maritime environment – developed in collaboration with Cetena (Fincantieri) – and a ground-based command center that coordinates the operations.