GÜRBAĞ: `Our Greatest Expertise in Hydrogen-Fed Intelligent Defense System GIDS, We Can Control Hydrogen`

GÜRBAĞ Defense Technologies (GST), which started its operations in the field of the defense industry in 2020, launched the GST Intelligent Defense System (GIDS) during the 2022 SAHA EXPO. At the fair, we talked with Alper GÖRGÜLÜ, Vice Chairman of the Board of GÜRBAĞ Defense Technologies (GST) about the development process, innovations, and capabilities of this new technology that will open the doors of a new era in Türkiye.

Date: Issue 119 - December 2022

Defence Turkey: At SAHA EXPO 2022, we met with Alper GÖRGÜLÜ, Vice Chairman of the Board of GÜRBAĞ Defense Technologies. We will get first-hand information about the GIDS system, which they introduced at the fair. You are participating in this fair for the first time. Can we get some information about GÜRBAĞ company?

Alper GÖRGÜLÜ: We were established in 2018 under the umbrella of the GÜRBAĞ Group and started R&D activities. However, we were officially established in 2020. Our team has around 15 years of experience. We entered the defense industry because we are a group of people working with technology. The biggest reason we started under the umbrella of GÜRBAĞ Group is to be included in a large platform and continue with a company with a solid financial and institutional infrastructure. GÜRBAĞ Defense produces its own designs, develops its software, and carries out integration within itself. In fact, we have gathered all our capabilities so far on a single product with GIDS. The biggest feature of GIDS is the hydrogen-fed propulsion system used in the launcher. To put it more accurately, it launches munitions with in-situ-produced hydrogen without any storage equipment. It is a derivative of cold launch technology. It is an integrated system that can detect all elements with radar in a 5 km area and transfer target data obtained through radar and electro-optical payloads to the command-control center.