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Havelsan, one of the leading company p

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

Defence Turkey: Mr. Yarman, first of all could you inform us about Havelsan’s general structure, vision and development since it was established?

HAVELSAN’s Vision:

• Is to be one of the leading IT companies in Europe in software intensive systems, with the competitve power gained by regional and global partnerships,


HAVELSAN mission is to develope integrally its chain value (research, design, development, production, marketing and sale provide logistic support) to increase the capabilities of our military and civilian public custumers thruout software intensive information systems using

• Innovative and holistic system solutions based on indigenous technology,

• Domestic and foreign markets orientation.

We have recently redesigned our processes and organization with a focus on technological and functional base so that can work in matrix structure, in order to benefit atmost from our high level of Since the date of foundation, HAVELSAN has performed a great growth especially for the last 10 years. HAVELSAN has been gradually tranformed formed into a system engineering company active in domestic and global tecnology markest.

Defence Turkey: What are the capabilities, products and technological superiorities of Havelsan which has moved ahead and broken new grounds with the technology it developed in Turkish Defense Industry in both national and international platforms since the day it was established? In this respect, could you inform us about the programs and studies conducted?

HAVELSAN, developed its core competencies in C4ISR with special emphasis on, Command & Control Systems , Homeland Security, Simulation Technologies, maintenance and logistic support for avionic systems and simulators; and e-Government applications.

In C4ISR technologies, capabilities encompasses;

• Command & Control Information Systems

• Combat Management Systems,

• Multisensor Data Fusion

• Mission Computer Systems,

• Mission Planning Systems,

• Semi-synthetic test & training environment.

• System-system integration

• System-platform integration

Products and solutions in Command and Control can be summarized as;

• Force and Mission Planning Systems

• Integrated Command & Control Systems

• Combat Management Systems

• Mission Computer System

• Tactical Command & Control Systems

• Operational Flight Program

• Ground Support Systems

• Mission Planning Systems,

• GIS Applications for the above.

HAVELSAN Simulation and Training Systems Group capabilities:

• Systems Engineering including requirement analysis, design, manufacturing, integration, verification and test.

• Platform modelling for both fixed, rotary wing and ground vehicles.

• Sensor simulation( Radar, sonar, EW, FLIR, Electro Optic/Infra Red etc.)

• Tactical environment modelling and simulation

• Weapon system and ballistics modelling and simulation

• OFP Drop-in and Mission Computer applications

• Visual Database design and development

• High Level Architecture (HLA) and Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) applications for network centric warfare

• Simulator upgrade applications

• Contractor Logistic Support

HAVELSAN products, ranging from Computer Based – Desktop Training to Full Flight Simulators. Some highlights of the products are;

• F4 2020 Weapon System Trainer,

• EADS/CASA CN-235 Full Flight Simulator,

• Sikorsky S-70A D/DSAR Full Mission Simulator and Partial Mission Simulator

• Sikorsky S-70B Full Flight Simulator and Partial Flight Simulator

• F-5/NF-5 Operational Flight Trainer (OFT),

• T-38 Operational Flight Trainer (OFT),

• Artillary Forward Observer Training System,

• Mortar Training Simulator.

Defence Turkey: Could you clarify us about the Turkish Early Warning and Command Control System Project (Peace Eagle), the Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MELTEM) project and the others which are conducted in this context by Havelsan developing reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence systems?

HAVELSAN is responsible from Mission Computer System and Ground Support Segment design and development through system analysis and system test and integration cycles in the Peace Eagle Program, As BOEING’s main contracter. Software Development Lab, System Integration Lab were set up at HAVELSAN. The Functional Control of Operation (FCO) of the first aircraft is accomplished with HAVELSAN engineers involvement to the program teasm in USA. The first flight was accomplished successfully in October 30, 2007.

Last version of mission computer software and integration tests are being conducted successfully. Ground Support Segment design and software of Mission Simulator, Mission Support Center and Software Support Center is developed in line with the program.

MELTEM program is a very important project which will be used for Turkish Navy Command and Coastguard Command operational requirements. As it is known that, in line with Undersecretariat for Defence Industries (Savunma Sanayii Müsteflarl›€› (SSM))’s procurement strategies, MELTEM has a very ambitious technology transfer objectives. In accordance with this objectives HAVELSAN have taken a significant role in each and every phase of MELTEM program. We are the main subcontractor of THALES Airborne Systems (TAS) in this project and have been working with them for 4 years, now

This project can be considered in two main subsystems which are the Ground Segment and the Airborne Segment.

For the Ground Segment; HAVELSAN is responsible for the development of 90 % of the software and the integrity of the hardware. HAVELSAN is also responsible for test, integration and deployment of Ground Segment. The main command and control software in ground segment already completed and delivered to TAS. The simulation and training system will be completed in July of this year. On site integration works will continue with the program until customer final acceptance.

For the Airborne Segment; 80% of the Functional Mission Computer Software is also being developed by HAVELSAN. This is real time software which is the main command and control system of the aircraft. This package is now in acceptance phase and planned to be completed by May this year.

HAVELSAN is taking part in integration and test of command and control subsystems in this project.

As a result I can tell that the delivery of the first aircraft to Turkish Coastguard will be realized at the end of 2009.

Defence Turkey: You have delivered first ship in GENES‹S project. Could you please inform us about the GENESIS PROJECT?

GENESIS (Gemi ENtegrE Savaş İdare Sistemi) project has been started in order to meet the Combat Management System (CMS) requirements of the Turkish Navy.

The purpose of the project is the design development and integration of;

• Multifunction operator consoles and integration cabinets which meet military requirements,

• Data, video and communication networks

• Middleware, between Operational application software and the Operating system

• Tactical applications of the software for the future combatant platforms using national industrial resources.

The aim is to complete the project which includes modernization of 8 G-Glass firgates in 7 years.

The new GENESIS-CMS will provide;

• Reduction of Anti-Ship Missile Defence reaction time

• High-degree combat system automation

• Centralized command and control

• Modern CMS capabilities

• Situation awareness

• Decision support

• AAW, ASUW, ASW, EW support

• Better CIC organization

• Reduction of crew

• Increased durability and high availability

• On-board training capabilities

• Ease of HW & SW maintenance with domestic capabilities

Within the project all the existing Sensors and Weapons of the old platform will be integrated within the new nationally modernized Combat Management Center of the ship. İn GENESIS old Operator Consoles including the Weapon Control Consoles will be replaced by modern Tactical and Operator Consoles which are redesigned with latest technologies. All critical hardware components which are used for Sensor and Weapon integrations and operator fınctions, will be developed to meet related military national and NATO standarts and specifications.

GENESIS new application software, sensor integration software and middleware components which is developed by the Turkish Navy are transferred to the Industry through a industrialization program defined in the GENESİS Contract under the leadership of HAVELSAN. The support and guidiance were provided by the Turkish Navy during the first ship. We have gained adequate aducate experience on ship integration, CMS hardware/software and sensor integration tasks and delivered the first ship earlier than the planned date. The second ship shall be delivered within few months. From the third ship on HAVELSAN shall be the solely responsible ofthe GENESİS modernization Program.

GENESİS is based on an open system architecture supporting various COTS hardware and software, and with its structure it is possible to apply it to different Naval Platform projects with specific adaptations. With HAVELSAN A.Ş. as the Main Contractor, it will be possible for the national industrial resources to apply GENESİS to other Naval platforms within the near future.

Defence Turkey: What is the progress and current situation in the project conducted in coordination with ASELSAN in order to meet the requirements of Turkish Naval Forces for the National Ship (M‹LGEM) Corvette Warfare Systems (Submarine Defense Warfare and Surveillance Patrol)?

Status of “Procurement of Combat system onboard MILGEM Prototype corvette” Contract

As it is well known that, the contract is named as “ Procurement of Combat system onboard MILGEM Prototype Corvette ”. It was signed between Under secretariat Defense Industry (SSM) and HAVELSAN&ASELSAN Joint Venture during IDEF organization at ANKARA on 23rd May 2007.

The scope of work of the contract briefly covers the following issues:

• Analysis and Design of the MILGEM Combat System,

• Defining System Integration Requirements

• Defining Technical Specifications,

• Sub-Contracting , Developmenting and Production Sub-systems,

• Onboard İintegration, Testing and Acceptance

• Integrated Logistic Support during Life Cycle of the Corvette.

HAVELSAN and ASELSAN, being partner in the joint venture, has been working cooperatively according to Joint Venture Agreement signed mutually in July 2006.

Main topics in HAVELSAN work share are as follows:

• GENESİS – MILGEM Combat Management System: The existing GENESİS CMS Software will be tailored and applied into the MILGEM weapons and sensors configuration including integration of all sensors and effectors (e.g weapons, CHAFF, Torpedo Counter Measure System) into modified GENESİS version.

• Combat Management System Hardware: Operator consoles, cabinets, Processor Units, Video Sub-system will be procured .

• Ship Data Distribution System / Ship Time System: Ship Data Distribution System and Ship Time System will be developed and produced by HAVELSAN.

• Torpedo Countermeasure System: SEA SENTOR Torpedo Countermeasure System will be procured and Integrated by HAVELSAN into modified GENESIS software.

• Message Handling System (MHS): HAVELSAN Message Handling System will be accommodated in MILGEM as a corvette’s sub system. The MHS will provide the processing of the formatted messages. Message Handling System will be working both standalone and integrated to the Combat Management System.

• Ship Information System: Administrative Ship Information system will be developed according to Turkish Naval Force Command requirements and produced by HAVELSAN.

• Manpower allocation: In addition to its work share requirements, HAVELSAN will also task necessary manpower to conduct common Joint Venture Project management, system engineering, Test &Acceptance activities and Integrated Logistic Support activities

Let me summarize contractual work that has been carried out so far;

Since already, the first three issues, in the scope of work, were matured within the past two years (during the long precontract phase as proposal preparation ),by both companies of the Joint venture. Based on their work share, Parties gave fist priority for finalizing sub contractors agreements. Necessary contracts with major subcontractors in Turkey and abroad were signed within 2007.

In parallel with all negotiation efforts with the subcontractors, system engineers worked for conducting “System Requirement Review Process (SRR)”. Consequently, SRR documents were prepared and approved by SSM. Currently, Preliminary Design Review Process (PDR) has been going on. It is expected that the PDR will be completed in March 2008 latest. All other future contractual activities and related milestones will be completed and achieved as scheduled.

HAVELSAN-ASELSAN Joint Venture in MILGEM Program was a first step towards the strategic co-operation between two companies; to work together as well together in underwater and all other above water platforms and co-operation agreement which was later signed and became effective on September 14, 2007. In the scope of this strategic agreement, both companies brought together their existing capabilities for New Type Patrol Boat, New Type Submarine and all other Turkish Navy programs.

Defence Turkey: “Havelsan Air Forces Information System” known as the biggest integrated command control information system in Turkey was accepted. Could you clarify us in detail about this system in terms of the technological innovations and benefits it provides?

Within the scope of the unprecedented Turkish Airforce Information System (TIS), the a Battle Management System which is totally integrated with the Resource Management System. This ‹nformation System is unique and has been developed for the first time in such an extend in the world and since than was always operational. Support functions scalled Resource Management System includes Strategical Planning, Financial Management, Cost Accounting, Logistics, Personnel (Human Resources), Training, Healthcare, Inspection & Evaluation; Battle Management system includes Operations, Intelligence and Flight Training main functional areas. TIS is an integrated system including the whole processes of flight planning, loading flight data into the aircraft, flight and after flight.

TIS provides configuration based inventory and maintenance management; effective maintenance & overhaul integrating material, equipment, personnel, quality and cost control; and financial management in compliance with the analytical budget code structure. Furthermore, transition to paperless environment is provided by TIS Document Management System which has been developed integrated with electronic signature.

An experienced team - competing with local & international companies in large scale projects in Turkey and in international projects - has been built within the TIS project and functional & technical know-how has been provided. Software development experience using latest SW development technologies (i.e Object Oriented Methodology, Java, EJB etc.) and ERP customization & development experience has been gained. A large team experienced in defence processes and business best practices has been established.

TIS includes solutions which can be customized easily according to the requirements of Armed Forces in Turkey and other countries. TIS includes common components as basis for command & control information systems so that these components and the know-how can be used for the Armed Forces (for the Army, Navy etc.). In addition to the Battle Management & Resource Management systems a Document Management System suitable for Armed Forces requirements has been developed in TIS and is live at all sites of Turkish Airforce. The Financial Management module of TIS has been customized for Ministery of Defense (MOD) and is live at MOD and its subordinate sites. Some other solutions included in TIS are NBC, Squadron Level Mission Planning, Search&Rescue, Mission Planning System (MPS) etc.

Defence Turkey: What are the other projects which Havelsan conducts? Could you inform us about current situation?

Tactical Command & Control Information Systems Interoperability Infrastructure Software (TCCIS-IIS) was developed for Turkish Land Forces. Data Replication Mechanism, Data Replication Model products are developed in conformance with NATO MIP (Mutilateral Interoperability Programme) and tested in NATO /national military exercises.

One of the biggest turn-key simulator center programs in Europe so-called HELSIM. HAVELSAN will deliver two Helicopter Training Centers. One of these center is for the Turkish Army Aviation School in Ankara; another center for the Turkish Navy in Izmit in the scope of HELSIM Progam. The simulators are integrated and undergoing some validation, performance and functional tests. The facility buildings at the customer sites are completed. Following the factory validation and functional tests the systems will be transported to the final locations.

The program will be delivered to the customer by the end of this year following completion of Level D certification with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

With the broad experience and know-how in defence systems, HAVELSAN has also developed civilian large scale e-Government projects such as National Justice Information System (UYAP), Land Registry and Cadastral Information System (TAKB‹S), Computer Supported Central Elections Registry System (SECSIS), etc... We have deployed them nationally country-wide (in all cities and towns). All these syetems were awarded and announced as the “best e-Government Ssystems of Turkey” by the authorities.

HAVELSAN, is now developings Turkish Railroad (Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP system. This system is an reflection of knowledge gained through military logistic management systems into commercial sector. A smaller scale application is deployed to Turktelekom Human Resources as well. A CRM and knowledge management, business intelligence solution is designed for Social Security department.

Defence Turkey: What systems did Havelsan develop in the scope of Homeland Security which entered into international security literature after the increasing terror attacks in the world? What is the level of your studies?

As it is known, Homeland Security Systems and Defense Systems share the same technology and system design, such that sensors are used for the surveillance, reconnaissance, detection and recognition of suspicious activity, which then the surveillance data is transmitted over a communications network to the Command&Control system or Security Operations Center where the officers decide on the action to take and plan the mission using any other intelligence data and available resources. HAVELSAN; with its broad experience in developing Command&Control Systems for the military, has already applied the same philosophy to the development of Homeland Security Systems. For example, city surveillance systems are being deployed at the major cities of Turkey since the police department can work much more efficiently with the continuous surveillance of public areas and car traffic. HAVELSAN has installed and delivered the city surveillance system of the most important touristic city Antalya for the City Governor using the best of the breed surveillance and communications technology. The most crowded areas of Antalya is under continuous surveillance with more than 384 cameras, each of which transmitting video data over WI-MAX wireless or fiber-optic wired communications system to an intelligent security operations center where the operators watch the video data in order to react to a security breach. The car plate recognition system is also deployed at the city’s critical junction points.

Defence Turkey: You signed a Mutual Agreement with Turkish Telecom in order to promote a strategic cooperation on developing joint projects and job opportunities. What is the current situation and what are your next plans in the framework of this cooperation? What kind of contributions will this cooperation make to the security and defense issues?

Turkish Telekom company is very vital in providing the most important service, communications to the Homeland Security Systems and all other public and private services, such as finance, banking, e-government, voice and data communications, Internet etc. HAVELSAN being the largest applications software developer and Turkish Telekom being the largest telecommunications company in Turkey, joined their expertise and know-how in order to provide the best added-value services for both the end users and corporates. The criticality of communications services is already appreciated for the purpose of nationaly security and defense, therefore HAVELSAN with the expertise of developing highly secure and reliable software services teaming with Turkish Telekom’s reliable and trusted infrastructure will provide non-stop and secure services.

Defence Turkey: Could you inform us about your international activities and export studies? What are the projects you participate? What are your export-based goals and strategies? With which capability and product of yours do you think you have more competitive power in international platform?

Integrated Command & Control System, Maritime Patrol Aircraft, AWACS programs, in general C4ISR systems, Electronic Warfare Test and Training Range (EWTTR) and aircraft, helicopter simulators, Artillary Forward Observer Trainers of HAVELSAN are well known by Armed Forces of allied countries.

Republic of Korean Air Force addressed HAVELSAN to design and develop of Korean EWTTR. Strategic cooperation agreements were set with local companies in allied countries to cooperate in the development of customer unique requirements.

It is planned to continue existing cooperation with BOEING and become a BOEING supplier and tighten partnership with BOEING, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, THALES, EADS, FINMECCANICA global companies.

HAVELSAN has a successfull export record as well. One quarter of income comes from international market. Mission Computer Systems, Ground Support Systems and software development are HAVELSAN workshare of HAVELSAN in the Turkish Airborne Early warning and Control System, Maritime Patrol Aircraft as BOEING and THALES subcontractor respectively.

CN-235 Full Flight Simulator for the Republic of Korean Airforce that was installed in Gimhae Airbase in Busan. This was HAVELSAN’s first simulator export to one of the most demanding customers in the world. Currently we have an office and regional business development activities in Seoul, Korea. We expect to have more simulation business from the region.

HAVELSAN signed a contract with Lockheed Martin Simulation Training and Support for the test and integration responsibility of Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) Training Infrastructure System to the Training Devices and Autonomic Logistics Information System.

We have an on-going project of Artillary Forward Observer Training System for the Pakistan Army, we are planning to get more simulation and training programs in Pakistan.

With the broad experience and know-how in Defence Systems, HAVELSAN has developed large scale e-Government projects such as National Justice Information System (UYAP), Land Registry and Cadastral Information System (TAKB‹S), Computer Supported Central Elections Registry System (SECSIS), etc and deployed them Turkey-wide (in all cities and towns). As its vision states, HAVELSAN continues work developments efforts and to establish foreign representatives, primarily, in Turkic countries, middle east and the balkans based on its experience and know-how gained by e-Gov projects in Turkey. It is intended to market the products in these regions. through local and global partnerships, especially with the cooperation of public establishments. An MOA on marketing UYAP to these regions is signed between Ministry of Justice and HAVELSAN. On this subject, there are high interests in these countries.

In order to reach end users and introduce HAVELSAN core capaibilies, systems and solutions to allied countries armed forces, an effective marketing plan will be executed by exhibiting these capabilities in international defense exhibititions in west and east of Turkey. In 2008, HAVELSAN will be exhibitor in Euronaval, Farnborough Air Show, DSA 2008, IDEAS 2008, Asian Defense Fair, .... to meet and welcome customers.

Defence Turkey: What are the goals of Havelsan so as to increase its export in Middle East and close region? Is there any plan for the joint production with new investment thoughts and technology transfer? What do you think about this?

HAVELSAN has a successful growth trend record in the last years and keen to continue this trend in the following 5 years. Therefore, in order to meet this goal, the growth strategies based on local and global co-operations, partnership in local and abroad. Business ecosystem consists of the backbone of solution development cycle. HAVELSAN has potential business opportunities in the Middle East, North Africa, Asia and Asia-Pasific regions beside Europe and USA. It is planned to be exist in these regions with co-operations, co-development and technology transfer type business models.

Defence Turkey: What are your activities and studies in the subject of Search and Develop? Could you inform us about your infrastructure, quality standards, objectives and plans you established for these activities?

HAVELSAN puts great emphasis on R&D activities taking into account the product line, market and system requirements altogether merged into a baseline that matches the company vision.. HAVELSAN possesses all the necessary software development environment and laboratories (SIL,SDL), experienced, innovative and dynamic human resources in order to design and develop R&D project softwares.

In C4ISR Technologies, HAVELSAN “Product Line” was modelled and designed to rehost the common subsystems of command&control systems which were developed inhouse under different programs and to provide a comprehensive, reconfigurable, flexible solutions for different platforms. The Pruduct Line will yield to network centric operations R&D projects.

HAVELSAN as an Excellency Center of Turkey, in modelling and simulation technologies based its technological growth on new product development through R&D investments. In this scope, PC-based image generator for the F-4 2020 Weapon System Trainer and a real-time software frame work for the CN-235 Full Flight Simulator was designed and developed as R&D. Recently a strategic collaboration was established with the Middle East Technical University Modelling and Simulation Center (MODSIMMER) to lead a research and development program for the Turkish Chief of Staff, to develop the so-called MGKMOS (Joint Mission Forces Modelling and Simulation).

Targets and Plans:

In critical technologies, technology ownership is another strategy of HAVELSAN. Development of indigenous products, migrating development of derivatives and sprouts of the existing products and solutions consiflts of the technological development goals of HAVELSAN. Through R&D investments it is foreseen that it will give a significant competitive advantage to the company both inside and outside the country.

As a result of R&D activities, HAVELSAN targets and plans to develop original products and solutions that meet market requirements and demands, to motivate human resources, to generate technological know how, to turn these activities into valuable national achievements and systematic solutions. The ultimate target and plan is to use the the results of and experience gained by the R&D activities to guide the market and to enrich the product baseline.

Quality Standards:

HAVELSAN Quality Management System is established and maintained based on the ISO9001:2000, AQAP 2110, AQAP 160, AS 9100, AS 9006 standards and SW CMM / CMMI models. Every activity throughout the life cycle of the project has to be recorded according to the HAVELSAN quality procedures. On the other hand, the R&D activities which are useful for the routine procedures of the company can be reflected to these procedures. The documents and information are put into archive in order to guarantee further reference.

In summary we have come a long way since the turning of the millenium: We increased our sales by five fold, opened up to world markets. We are still a profitable and reputable company in Turkey and abroad: Strong financially and technically, rich in qualified human ressources... That makes us competitive througout the world.