Havelsan Becomes Raytheon’s Three-Star Supplier

In 2016 Raytheon deemed Havelsan worthy of the Three -Star Supplier Award as Havelsan has been one of the best companies it collaborated with

Issue 76 - July 2017

At the “Raytheon IDS 10 Year Supplier Excellence Conference” event, within the scope of the New Type Submarine Project of the Naval Forces Command, Havelsan was deemed worthy of the Best Supplier Company Award with its Project for the Integration of the MK-48 Torpedo to the ISUS K/K System. 

According to the evaluation, Havelsan took one of the highest points in respect of the cost, quality, process compatibility, project management and timely delivery criteria. The aforementioned award was granted only to 10 companies out of 250 companies Raytheon collaborates with across the US.