Havelsan takes a giant step to grab niche of the defence market with global partners

Within the coverage of projects to be jointly realized with Rheinmetall Defence settled Germany on Submarine Diving and Submarine Tactical Simulators with the focus on training submarine crews as a requirement of our Naval Forc

Date: Issue 19 - December 2009

Within the scope of cooperation signed by HAVELSAN with Rheinmetall Defence , In these projects to be realized under HAVELSAN as the main contractor, and as a leader in this sector, HAVELSAN will act as main contractor in works to be realized in work load while METEKSAN together with Rheinmetall Defence will act as exclusive sub-contractors. The priority objective in this joint cooperation to be undertaken between HAVELSAN and METEKSAN is to increase the cost effective domestic share and to mutually benefit from the accumulated knowledge of both parties.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of HAVELSAN, Lt. General (R) Hayrettin Uzun, HAVELSAN General Manager Faruk Yarman, Chairman of the Board of Directors of METEKSAN, Vahit U?urlu and METEKSAN General Manager Turgut ?enol, company officials and members of the media were present during the press conference.

Chairman of the Board of HAVELSAN Hayrettin Uzun in his opening remarks at the conference, pointed out that the synergy to be borne from the mutual cooperation with Rheinmetall and METEKSAN would create important export opportunities. Stating that HAVELSAN occupies an important place among global simulator manufacturers, Hayrettin Uzun emphasized that they had worked with many sub-contractors in simulator projects and continued by saying: “We see a trend in the Turkish defense industry projects towards a rapid decline to the 20s and for this reason we have already targeted opening outwards. On this subject we have first selected strong foreign partners. The fact that Rheinmetall is one of the leading global companies in its own field and is an exclusive sub-contractor of HAVELSAN is an indication of how HAVELSAN has evolved into a significant company in the global arena.” Uzun stated that they had already begun work on exporting the first Type 209 simulators manufactured by HAVELSAN to third countries and after Type 209, Type 214 simulators would be marketed.

Vahit U?urlu, the Chairman of the Board of METEKSAN, indicated that he was very pleased with the cooperation to take place between HAVELSAN and METEKSAN.

In his remarks, Faruk Yarman, the General Manager of HAVELSAN pointed out to the synergy that would be created as a result of the cooperation between Rheinmetall and METEKSAN and that this would provide a significant source and knowledge in meeting the present and future requirements of the Turkish naval fleet, including export opportunities and enabling our defense industry to move forward even further. In addition, with its existing position in this sector, HAVELSAN would continue to provide the leadership to Turkish defense companies and to contribute to the development of cooperation expected by the sector.

METEKSAN General Manager Turgut ?enol stated that since its founding METEKSAN’s mission has been to provide national technological solutions at the highest level to the Turkish Armed Forces and that within this coverage they had obtained considerable experience and knowledge on matters that they had not focused on previously, and that they had put forward this experience on two crucial simulator projects that they were implementing for the Naval Forces. Pointing out that they believed that through their experience METEKSAN would make a significant contribution to the Submarine Diving Simulators and the Submarine Tactical Simulator, ?enol went on to add that with this cooperation with HAVELSAN they would not only provide solutions with high technology through domestic participation but would also provide an example on cooperation among domestic defense industry companies.

The investments that HAVELSAN has made during the last decade in Naval Combat Systems and Simulation and Training Systems has now provided the company with significant products, experience and specialized manpower in these two areas.

These activities will be further expanded with the naval platform command-control software under the Genesis Project and the integration of software and fittings for the MK48 Mode 6 AT torpedo for the existing ISUS 90-72 Integrated Underwater Command and Control System (IUCCS) under the coverage of the New Type Submarine Project (NTSP) with the present opportunities and capabilities in sensor and weapons integration.

With the Ground Based Test System (GBTS) to be established at HAVELSAN’s facilities in Ankara under this Project, the underwater algorithm, software and fitting enhancements/ alterations, as a requirement of Turkish submarines, will be easily carried out and system tests conducted. This experience will provide important advantages to HAVELSAN in developing submarine simulators.

This experience in simulation technology and the domestic industry work ecosystem that has been formed by HAVELSAN, will be used in a program in which the model to be acquired will be used in a program for the Submarine Driving Simulator for the modernization of the U-209 class Gür and Preveze submarines of the Turkish Naval Forces Command and the Submarine Control and Tactical Simulators for the new type U-214 class submarines acquired from the German HDW company with HAVELSAN as the main contractor and in which domestic participation will be high – similar to the HELS?M Helicopter Simulator Center Project – and aside from air and land platforms, naval platforms through the manufacture of their original products will be able to export to overseas markets.