HELSIM Project LOT II Modificationswere Signed at IDEF’15

Date: Issue 62 - June 2015

In the year 2010 HELSİM (Helicopter Simulators)Project where the main contractor was designated as Havelsan by SSM,was initiated. The initiation objective of the Project was determined as the provision of the flight training simulators and sites of the SikorskyBlackhawk and Seahawk helicopters to be used for the purpose of the pilot education and it was included in the Marine Air Command Seahawk Simulator Training Center stocks in accordance.

Under the coverage of the HELSİM project, simulator systems are providing training services since the year 2010 until today for the S-70B Seahawk platforms with LOT I configurations belonging to the Turkish Naval Forces. Signatures for the modifications to be made in the configurations determined under the coverage of this Project in which the suitable training shall be provided forthe new configurations the simulators will form in real platforms for these services were signed at IDEF’15.