Highlights from ROKETSAN`s Press Conference

On Türkiye`s Press Freedom Day, which took place on July 24th, Prof. Faruk YİĞİT, Chairman of the Board of ROKETSAN, and Murat İKİNCİ, General Manager of ROKETSAN, convened with members of the press at Istanbul`s Mandarin Oriental Bosphorus Hotel prior to the 16th International Defence Industry Fair (IDEF `23). During the meeting, information was provided about ROKETSAN`s products scheduled for display at IDEF `23, financial performance figures for 2022, ongoing activities, R&D efforts, and export statistics.

Date: Issue 126 - October 2023

The press conference started with a briefing by Prof. Faruk YİĞİT regarding ROKETSAN's activities in 2023. Emphasizing their ambition to mark the 100th anniversary of the Republic with remarkable accomplishments, YİĞİT outlined ROKETSAN's performance in 2022 as follows: “In 2022, we successfully boosted our company's turnover by over 9 percent in US Dollars compared to the prior year, reaching a total of USD 863 million. This translates to TRY 14.3 billion in revenue, reflecting an impressive 103 percent increase compared to the previous year. Furthermore, in 2022, we expanded the share of international sales within our turnover to 32 percent. Our objective for the upcoming year is to further raise this proportion to 50 percent. To further achieve sustainable growth, we have made substantial investments in research and development (R&D). As one of the largest R&D organizations in our country, we allocated 17.48 percent of our turnover to R&D in 2022, resulting in a total R&D expenditure of TRY 2,287,575,000. Looking ahead to 2023, we anticipate an R&D expenditure of TRY 3,163,601,000. In 2022, we welcomed 1,536 new domestic suppliers into our ecosystem, increasing our total number of domestic suppliers to 1,823. Additionally, the proportion of domestic materials used in our projects rose to 87 percent. As we consider 2023 the year of export and investment, ROKETSAN is on track to double its capacity in 2024, marking a significant stride toward fulfilling long-term demands.”

Murat İKİNCİ stated that 2023 has been a pivotal year for ROKETSAN, with a strong focus on exports and investments. He emphasized the company's vigorous efforts to enhance both its export and production capacities, which include the ongoing development of more than 40 undisclosed R&D projects. İKİNCİ also provided insights into one of the new products set to make its debut at IDEF 2023, the BURÇ Close-In Air Defense System, which is based on FNSS's PARS İZCİ 8x8 Tactical Wheeled Armored Vehicle. Addressing the significant challenges posed by factors like kamikaze drone attacks and helicopter threats on the battlefield, İKİNCİ highlighted the development of the BURÇ Close-In Air Defense System as an R&D initiative aimed at mitigating these risks. He elucidated that the BURÇ system incorporates two weapon systems: the SUNGUR Air Defense Missile, housed in two 4-pods, and a 20 mm x 102 mm cannon featuring a 3-barreled, Gatling-type automatic design, manufactured by TR Mechatronics. İKİNCİ explained, "These two weapon systems are synchronized to offer close air defense support for deployed troops and point-defense. What sets BURÇ apart is its AESA radars (S-Band, 4x antenna, capable of detecting a 1m2 RCS target up to 20km+), which provide a full 360-degree hemispherical coverage. Additionally, it incorporates an electro-optical system for targeting and seamlessly integrates into the radar network. It also boasts communication capabilities with command-and-control systems. It can autonomously engage targets or follow commands from the central control system. With these advanced capabilities, we are confident that BURÇ will deliver dynamic and cost-effective air defense support. We believe that it has significant export potential and will fully meet the requirements of our Armed Forces.” IKİNCİ also highlighted that BURÇ's compact and streamlined design is specifically optimized for countering nearby drones rather than those at a distance. This is the reason behind the selection of the 20 mm Gatling gun as the primary weapon system. He emphasized that BURÇ will efficiently defend against drones, especially those within an 8 km range, by utilizing SUNGUR as the primary weapon system, with its capabilities poised to further expand through the integration of LEVENT missiles in the upcoming phase. İKİNCİ also mentioned plans to refine SUNGUR's missile for targeting drones in the future.