Hisar-O Missile Systems Accomplished Flight Test

The test flight of the indigenous Hisar-O missile that was initiated to meet the air defense needs of the Land Forces Command has been successfully completed.

Issue 72 - March 2017

Hisar-O, Medium Range Air Defense Missile Systems produced with local resources, performed a test flight with the participation of National Defense Minister Mr. Fikri Işık and his accompanying delegation at the test field in Aksaray. As part of the test firings, Hisar-O was vertically fired from the rocket launching system developed by Aselsan and successfully left the missile canister with the first strike solid fueled engine. The missile continued its flight with the programmed maneuvers and completed its flight with one hundred percent success after firing its second strike engine in the air. The dual strike missile engine was utilized for the first time within the scope of the test firing.

 After the successful firings, Minister of National Defense Mr. Işık congratulated the technicians and engineers performing great success and closely examined the missile launching area 11 kilometers away from the command control center. Minister Mr. Işık addressed the engineers employed at Roketsan and Aselsan upon the test firing emphasizing the fact that development of critical systems would be the one and only solution for Turkey and added: “We aim to become one of the few countries in the world capable of developing these critical technologies. This goal will be achieved by our esteemed colleagues with great level of education, such as you all. We will always clear the way for you and support you. We will provide all types of moral and material support.”  

Mr. Işık stated that the test firing was conducted with one hundred percent success and continued that their aim was to increase the deterrent force of Turkish Armed Forces (TAF). He underlined that the way to reach this goal was through becoming an authority in the world in respect to air and missile defense system. 

Mr. Işık reminded the audience that many important achievements were recorded until today in this context and said: “We have many systems developed through the cooperation between Roketsan and Aselsan. We are currently working intensely toward launching more developed systems into life. We accomplished and witnessed the test firing of Hisar-O system here today. We are really quite proud and pleased with this achievement. Turkey has to both acquire and develop the critical technologies regarding air and missile defense systems. Turkey made great progress though it started late and I believe that we will be rapidly making more and more progress and have Long Range Air and Missile defense systems.”

Undersecretary for Defense Industries Prof. İsmail Demir and Mayor of Aksaray Mr. Aykut Pekmez accompanied Minister of Defense Mr. Fikri Işık throughout the program.

 Within the scope of the Hisar-A and Hisar-O programs, initiated in 2011 in order to fulfill the low and medium altitude air defense requirements of the Turkish Armed Forces Command by the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, the radar, command control and fire control systems of the system are being developed by Aselsan while the missile systems are being developed by Roketsan. Ballistic Test Missile firing, that was the very first flight test of the Medium Altitude Air Defense Missile Hisar-O, was executed successfully on 23 July 2014, also in Aksaray.