Honeywell Turkey’s Valuable Contributions to the Turkish Defence Industry, Aviation and the Space Industry, Fueled by Turkey’s Resolve to Manufacture its Own Platforms

Serdar ÇETİNGÜL - General Manager Central & Eastern Europe and Turkey, Honeywell Aerospace talks about Honeywell Turkey, a high potential and rapidly growing division of Honeywell that is well positioned by collaborating with Turkish companies. Honeywell’s integrated supply chain for the entire European region explores portfolio compatibility with Turkey’s capabilities. We also insight into the activities toward establishing an indigenous depot in Turkey to provide maintenance and repair capabilities for military configurations. Beyond just cooperating with companies, Honeywell also works toward including certain companies in their global supply chain.

Date: Issue 93 - July 2019

Defence Turkey: Mr. ÇETİNGÜL, can you touch on Honeywell’s 2018 performance results? Did exports, turnover and sales fulfill your expectations? We’ve observed a recession in the growth of certain companies, while some achieve turnovers beyond their expectations. How has this period been for you thus far and what are your expectations for the remainder of 2019?

Serdar ÇETİNGÜL: 2018 was a very fruitful year for Honeywell. We were successful not only in our aviation activities but also in all of our activities. We began to collaborate on the distribution side with our local aviation partner Dormak in 2018. There, we aim to achieve direct access to the end-users because when we take a look at the existing platforms in the inventory, there are always Honeywell components in almost all airborne platforms such as the F-16, C-130, UH-1, S-70, CH-47 and Sikorsky. This is partly because of Honeywell’s wide product range. We do not limit our activities in a single area such as engines, avionics or satellite communication. Instead we are a company that develops and manufactures all such products. Therefore, we are already collaborating with companies existing in the sector as platform manufacturer, but due to the legislation and public procurement laws, we did not have the opportunity to conduct business with the end-users. So, in order to overcome this, we started to collaborate with a local partner. There are many advantages that are offer to the end user via the method of distribution.