How to Determine Suitable Interconnect Solutions for Harsh Environment Applications

Philippe Bonneau – Communication & Marketing, Sylvain Fery and Mutlu Tarakçı– Sales Engineer, Laurent Ponzevera – R&D Manager, BERNIER connect s.a.s

Date: Issue 124 - July 2023

When selecting connectors for harsh environment applications, the first step is to establish a detailed checklist of the conditions in which the connectors will be used and the specific requirements of the application at hand. These include a review of the operating environments, equipment dimensions, ergonomics, factors for installation and maintenance, robustness and sealing requirements, weight goals, and the type of signals the system will handle. Defining these points makes it possible to choose connectors that are designed to meet the technical requirements of the application and deliver the performance and reliability needed in the field. Sometimes an existing connector may be adapted to meet specific requirements. In other situations, unique conditions or requirements will mean an application-specific design is required, in which case a supplier can help create a custom connector. 

In complex equipment design, focusing on the total configuration and centralizing the mechanical and electronic functions will save on the total cost. For military equipment, relying on MIL-spec connectors answers many needs, but considering every aspect of a system or design also makes it apparent when a unique solution is the best choice. A manufacturer that works as your partner will bringing different experiences together with you.