HÜRJET New Generation AJT’s CDR Phase Completed

The Critical Design Review (CDR) Phase of the HÜRJET, twin-seat, single-engine supersonic new generation Advanced Jet Trainer (AJT) and Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) was completed in early March 2021. According to original schedule the CDR Phase should have been completed in August 2020 (To+36 months).

Date: Issue 105 - April 2021

peaking at a ceremony organized at TUSAŞ facilities to celebrate the delivery of first T129B2 ATAK Helicopter to the Security General Directorate (Turkish Police) on February 26, 2021 TUSAŞ President & CEO Temel KOTİL disclosed that HÜRJET prototype will perform its maiden flight in December 2022, after the completion of the detailed design, prototype production and ground testing phases. While talking to TRT Radio 1 at the National and Domestic Program on December 4, 2020 TUSAŞ President & CEO KOTİL had previously underlined that the first HÜRJET prototype would execute its maiden flight on March 18, 2023, when the 108th anniversary of the Çanakkale Naval Victory will be celebrated.

HÜRJET is being developed by TUSAŞ under a Protocol signed between TUSAŞ, the SSB and the TurAF on July 2, 2018. The initial studies for the “Advanced Jet Trainer & Light Attack Aircraft (HÜRJET) Project” were started in July 2017 and the Project was officially launched on 14 August 2017, as a company funded project (which was funded from TUSAŞ’ own resources) after receiving a green light to go ahead from the TUSAŞ Board.