Hürkuş- B Accomplishes Maiden Flight

Issue 80 - March 2018

Hürkuş-B, which is planned to take its part in the inventory of the Turkish Air Forces in the second half of 2018, successfully carried out its maiden flight. Following this maiden flight, various tests on critical topics such as engine, avionics, stability and flight excellence shall be applied to the aircraft. After 90 hours of planned sortie flight, it is planned to enter into the Turkish Air Forces inventory.

In his speech following the maiden flight, TAI President & CEO Assoc. Prof. Temel Kotil said that the capability and dynamics of the Hürküs-B equipped with military standards have been increased following the completion of the Hürkuş-A configuration, the airworthiness certification of which was completed and is ready for use: The configuration of the Hürkuş-B is a modern, powerful aircraft that is 100 kilos lighter, faster more modern and stronger than the configuration of Hürkuş-A. This variant was designed for a more stable and more comprehensive aircraft.”

While emphasizing Hürkuş-B as the best in its class, it has been clarified that particularly the cockpit and all systems such as ejection seats, oxygen support, and landing gears weight resistance have been designed as a jet cockpit.