IDEF 2009 Will be in ISTANBUL

IDEF int

Date: Issue 9 - January 2008

“Eight IDEF fairs have been held successfully in odd years since 1993: IDEF fairs which used to be held in THK Etimesgut Türkkuflu facilities until 2003 have been held in 75th year Ankara hippodrome since 2005 due to the fact that the said facility became insufficient and the fair expanded more and more.
161 local and 333 foreign companies, which is in total 494, participated 8th IDEF-2007 international defence industry fair which was held between 22 and 25 may 2007
About IDEF-2009 fair; countries and large scale companies demanded additional space up to twice as big as the space they had occupied in IDEF-2007 fair. But it was informed by Turkey Jockey Club (TJK) that there was going to be a one-third reduction in space due to the planned projects in 75th year Ankara hippodrome (expanding the race circuit and establishing new social facilities and open space areas for spectators). Also, they emphasized that they could not call off the planned races during the dates when the fair would take place and they could only dedicate the hippodrome in winter when there is no race and this is not an appropriate date for the fair. Even the hippodrome is dedicated to the fair without there are no restrictions mentioned above, it seemed impossible to hold the fair in 75th year Ankara hippodrome because of the planned projects.
Upon this, efforts to find a new location for the fair in Ankara was initiated, but it was discovered that present locations would not able to meet the increasing needs of IDEF fairs.
Finally, it was agreed upon to hold 9th IDEF -2009 international defence industry fair in Istanbul between 27 and 30 April 2009 under a contract signed with Tuyap. which obtained the related bid for the fair.
It is noted that the decision on holding the fair in Istanbul will contribute IDEF fair to keep its prestige in the world and to become the biggest international defence industry in the region by taking advantages of wide facilities of Istanbul which is preparing to be the cultural center of Europe in 2010.