ILGAZ 4x4 Internal Security Vehicle

ILGAZ 4x4 Internal Security Vehicle is one of Nurol Makina’s innovative products that creates solutions for current requirements, it has been delivered to relevant authorities after the completion of qualification procedures. 

Issue 56

Aiming to satisfy the operational requirements of military units and security forces in rural and urban areas, it becomes prominent with its dynamic, agile, modular, versatile, easy care and low maintenance qualities in all weather conditions and all types of fields. Increasing threats and new strategies and techniques applied in social upheavals of our times required the development of a vehicle having the capacity of ILGAZ 4x4. The vehicle is determined to become an ideal solution for police in urban areas with the versatile protection it provides against light arms and its resistance against the Molotov cocktail, beatings, and attacks with stones and sticks that regular security vehicles have difficulty in neutralizing. The on vehicle material, engine compartment, fuel tank and wheeled fire extinguishing systems used in ILGAZ 4x4 Internal Security Vehicle gives confidence to its user during tasks conducted under harsh conditions. At 6 tons category, ILGAZ 4x4 is able to execute its tasks effectively in both rural and urban areas with the tactical capabilities and additional features it bears. The vehicle manufactured with high-end technology enables the personnel’s secure execution of tasks while satisfying the security forces’ requirements under all conditions.

During the design of the vehicle, the human-vehicle compatibility was regarded as an essential factor. With its wide internal volume, ergonomic design and comfort, ILGAZ 4x4 is capable of protecting the personnel’s efficiency at the maximum level during long missions.  

With its wide angle of view, ILGAZ 4x4’s integrated surround camera systems are able to increase the crew’s control of the operation environment and make the blind spots visible by widening the surveillance area. Thus, the vehicle’s task efficiency increases further.

Various light weapon systems could be mounted on the vehicle as well. With 6 gun ports placed in the hull of the vehicle and grenade launcher on the windscreen, ILGAZ 4x4 enables its personnel to respondrapidly to attacks and threats. With its high personnel carrying capacity and customized door configuration, ILGAZ 4x4 is designed to allow easy and fast accessin/out of the vehicle forthe crew at the operation field.

ILGAZ 4x4’s large and wide tires, high capability of gradient climbing and side slope crossing , its high angle of approach and departure and high ground clearance, the vehicle displays an outstanding performance not only within the city limits but also in off-road conditions.