Immersive Interactive Virtual Reality Systems by infoTRON

Issue 40 - February 2013

infoTRON’s Immersive Interactive Virtual Reality Systems (TRONwall, TRONcave, TRONvrc, and TRONdome) are a seamless integration of hardware and software technologies used for immersive, collaborative visualization, also known as virtual reality (VR). These facilities and solutions enable the creation and use of interactive, multisensory, three-dimensional worlds, or environments and models. They constitute a collaborative computing environment designed to support multiple business processes, from engineering and design review to data analysis, training and presentations. These real-time simulation systems feature fully integrated, powerful stereographic visualization display systems, high-end tracking and interaction devices, as well as high-end software solutions for various applications like virtual design and engineering, virtual prototyping and visual simulation.

As one of the most advanced VR product portfolio for industries like aerospace, defence, automotive, energy and construction, infoTRON’s solutions immerse you and your colleagues in your data, so you can move around it, hear it, and perceive it much as you perceive the physical world or in a way that is impossible in the real world. This approach helps you arrive at better decisions in less time, providing enormous cost savings while enhancing productivity in any situation where spatial relationships must be analyzed. You’ll gain insight and reach your goals with greater speed, efficiency, and flexibility than ever before.