In Pursuit of Increased Turkish Industry Contribution – FİGES Advances with Seasoned Staff and Engineering Expertise

In an exclusive Defence Turkey interview Mr. Koray Gökalp – General Manager of FİGES A.Ş discusses the company’s substantial experience within many engineering disciplines coupled with their engineering culture to undertake such a project such as Powerpack. The company looks forward to similar projects in the future, ready to proudly serve the industry and the Republic of Turkey.

Date: Issue 79 - February 2018

Defence Turkey: Mr. Gökalp, first of all thank you very much for your time. With its advanced engineering solutions and depth of field, FİGES A.Ş. is one of the leading engineering companies in Turkey. You have been offering high quality services to companies in various sectors in the field of computer aided engineering and system modeling. In addition, with the strategic decision you made in 2015, we see that you have become a company that invests, develops and produces high-tech products and aims to open up to the world market with these products. In this context, you have recently introduced new and distinctive technological products involving high technology such as MAST systems, 3D Metal Sintering Systems, Bionic Hand and Impedance Tubes. What would you like to say about your vision and roadmap that you have adopted?

FİGES has always been a well-known and trusted engineering company. Since 1990, we have provided computer-aided engineering services to a wide range of different customers operating on many different industries. However, when re-evaluating the company’s mission statement and strategy in 2015, we have realized that to provide constant growth and a sustainable business model we needed to move from an operations-focused company to a customer-focused company. The actual need and pain of the customer is to have high-technology products at an affordable price. You can address that need by providing engineering services and let them figure out the rest, which only solves part of the issue, or you can provide them the end product, which is now a complete solution. Having that goal in mind, we have performed market research on different industries, talked to our customers and identified critical high technology products and technologies they need now or in the future. We have restructured the R&D organization in the company and tackled the products you have mentioned, namely MAST systems, 3D Metal Sintering Systems, Bionic Hand and Impedance Tubes. As of now, there are many other R&D projects and product ideas in FİGES with ongoing research, and the intention in all of these projects is to have a high technology, marketable product, targeting a certain need in the industry.