Inauguration of the Aselsan Cyprus Advanced Technologies Research Center

Date: Issue 94 - September 2019

The Aselsan Cyprus Advanced Technologies Research Center was inaugurated on 22 July 2019 and will carry out its activities at the Middle East Technical University (METU) Northern Cyprus Campus Kalkanlı Technology Valley (METU-KALTEV).  The high-level protocol of the two countries, particularly the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) Mustafa AKINCI, Vice President Fuat OKTAY, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit TURHAN and Turkish Air Force Commander General Hasan KÜÇÜKAKYÜZ participated

in the opening ceremony for the Aselsan Cyprus Advanced Technologies Research Center and ODTU-KALTEV.

The Aselsan Cyprus Advanced Technologies Research Center will carry out pioneering research studies and academic activities to increase Aselsan’s competitive power and will work on developing technologies in the fields of bio-defence, autonomous systems, artificial intelligence, sensors, advanced materials to ensure the acquisition of next generation national and critical technologies.

Aselsan aims to further develop its position in the region in the next period in order to carry out various R&D and testing activities by starting its activities in a 500 square meter office area allocated to it within the region. Aselsan will develop advanced technology research projects and a communication test field that it has established with the academicians who are experts in their fields, as well as technologies that will enable the use of wind energy in the island network. 

Aselsan carries out its activities with the mission of reducing Turkey’s foreign dependency in the technological field and toward being a defence company that makes its people proud. Aselsan is the leading Turkish company in terms of expenditures allocated to R&D, employing 4144 R&D staff at 6 Research Centers within its body. 

Prof. Dr. Haluk GÖRGÜN, Chairman of the Board and General Director of Aselsan, who welcomed the visitors to the Cyprus Advanced Technologies Research Center, said on the subject: “We believe that our research center which is planned be operated at METU KALTEV, will be an extremely critical achievement for Aselsan.”One of the most important factors is that we will carry out joint research and development activities with the academic staff of METU Northern Cyprus Campus. Aselsan will also implement a project for the development of micro grid components that will make renewable energy sources (wind, solar) harmonized in the region and make them available on the island network. This will pave the way for wind energy use on the island. On the other hand, Aselsan will carry its research potential to Cyprus and provide an environment for graduate students where they can do research, as well as opening a new business path for graduates, which will contribute to the employment in the region. Aselsan, which is in a pioneering position among the firms opening offices in METU-KALTEV, will also set an example for the other technology firms in Turkey and make the region an attraction center. Most importantly, it will create added value for both Cyprus and our country by making use of the academic power of the universities in Cyprus. Additionally, Aselsan’s existing spiritual and strategic ties with the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will be strengthened through the establishment of this Research Center in Cyprus, demonstrating Aselsan’s proud contributions toward national technology ownership in Turkey.