Increase Operator Support via Integrated Platform Management System Automation to Support the Internal Battle

MSc. E.H. Wiecherink, Elkon

Date: Issue 53 - May 2014 Update: May 21, 2014


Frigates are designed to continue with their war fighting task even after having suffered serious internal damage from external threats such as gunfire, missiles and mines. Serious damage may demand a lot of activity from the ship’s crew before the ship has retrieved its capability to its fullest extent. Fires need to be extinguished, leakages to be isolated or blocked, smoke and water need to be removed and technical systems need to be repaired. During all this damage limiting activity the commanding officer requires the maximum possible war fighting capability to be available. He states his required capabilities in the Command Aim: What is the current task for the ship and in what priority should the ships functions be retained or recovered? All activities on board should be directed based on this Command Aim