Indigenous 20mm Nose-Mounted Cannon for the T129 ATAK Helicopters

Date: Issue 111 - December 2021

According to the Ministry of Industry and Technology's statement, Minister VARANK visited Sarsılmaz Weapon Factory, and the TR Mekatronik Systems at Düzce 1st Organized Industrial Zone. The visit was hosted by SARSILMAZ Weapon Industry Chairman Latif Aral ALİŞ, and the Governor of Düzce Cevdet ATAY accompanied Minister VARANK. During his visit to Sarsılmaz Weapon Factory and TR Mekatronik in Düzce, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa VARANK stated that the first firing tests with the indigenously developed 20mm 3-barrel rotary cannons will begin in 2022 and said, "After their integration to the Atak helicopters, we will have achieved the production of the 20mm nose cannons of the Atak helicopters within 2022 in our country."

Following his examination at Sarsılmaz and TUSAŞ-affiliate TR Mekatronik, Minister VARANK added, "TR Mekatronik is a company founded to manufacture the Atak helicopters' 20mm rotary guns which we call nose cannons. These weapon systems have high accuracy and are subject to export restrictions. Even if you wish to buy, the manufacturer countries do not sell them. Sarsılmaz and TUSAŞ joined their forces and established a company to indigenously manufacture the 20mm nose-mounted cannons, including their turrets. This project has been on course since 2018. Hopefully, the first firing test with the nose cannon will take place in 2022, and after their integration to the Atak helicopters, we will achieve the manufacturing of the 20mm nose cannons for the Atak helicopters within 2022. Next year, we will deliver the first 30 guns of the exported Atak helicopters. Thanks to this product entirely manufactured by Turkish engineers and produced indigenously, we will fulfill the needs of our armed forces, eliminate foreign dependency, and play an effective role in closing the current deficit with the exports we will conduct."