Indonesia Preferred ASELSAN

Indonesian Armed Forces, which is a member of Association of South East Asian Nations and is (ASEAN) one of the biggest armies of Far East with around 400 soldie

Issue 8 - January 2008

Software Based Radios New Generation ASELSAN Radios, which are sold to Indonesia as the first
time, perform six different radio operating
types ( wave forms) operating in different frequency bands, on a single radio. Thanks to this communication solution which involves advanced technology, it is possible to perform all features of radios, which have different
technical specifications and functions, using a single radio in accordance with the needs of the land, air and naval forces of armies. Due to this technological superiority granted by ASELSAN
radio, safe communication and cooperation is ensured among military unions, and the chance of operations in terms of confidentiality and security increases. It will be a model in its region Indonesia is a member of ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations) and this organization has a mission similar to that of NATO and AB, in which the international policies and strategic decisions on defence collaboration of the countries are determined.
The fact that ASELSAN radios are preferred by Indonesian Armed Forces will constitute an example for the armies of other ASEAN member
countries. Intense Abroad Marketing Activity
Thanks to its proven technological nfrastructure and knowledge accumulation, ASELSAN intensely engages in abroad marketing / export activities
that could positively contribute to utilization
of its production capacity and development of country economy. ASELSAN, with its technology transfer, cooperation with local firms and its
structure which is open to such working models as common production, uses the experience it has acquired in international platform to contribute directly to the country economy as it acts as the main contractor in defence projects.