The Ministry of Defence signs for the first time a framework agreement that establishes the terms of service for the three branches Equipment availability will increase since only one company will be in charge and costs will be significantly reduced

Date: Issue 19 - December 2009

Indra signed a € 24 M framework agreement with the Ministry of Defence to look after the maintenance automatic systems of its three branches for the next four years. It is the first time the Ministry of Defence centralises the service by establishing requirements regarding service, reach and amount and leaving execution to the different braches in compliance with their maintenance needs.

So far, each army was responsible for setting the terms of the service for their automatic maintenance systems independently. With this new framework agreement, the Ministry of Defence guarantees higher equipment availability since service management is greatly simplified and response time in the event of an incident is shorter as only one company will be responsible for them. Therefore availability is higher and costs are reduced due to generation of synergies, optimisation of resources and scale economy.

The automatic maintenance systems carry out thousand operations in order to systematically diagnose the performance of the electronics and software of vehicles, aircrafts or ships, among other platforms. Therefore, these systems are critical and require proper maintenance. They should also be upgraded as the equipment of platform is renovated.

The service to be provided by Indra, whose detailed description appears in the framework agreement, covers a wide array of operations. The company will undertake the preventive and corrective maintenance, the periodic calibration of the SAM systems as well as the incorporation of modifications when necessary. The company will also carry out an engineering work by investigating and developing the necessary enhancements to extent the equipment’s life span as the platforms are upgraded. In addition to this, it will look after logistics services to supply materials and components as well as training for operators.

Among other things, Indra will undertake the sustainability of the maintenance equipment pertaining to the Harrier AV-8B, EF-18, Mirage F1 and Eurofighter aircrafts, to the ground systems such as Leopard fighting vehicle and Pizarro Infantry Fighting Vehicle as well as to helicopters such as Lamps SH-60, Cougar, Super puma and Tiger, and F-100 frigates.

A large part of the equipment is Indra’s proprietary development as part of its activity in this field which started 30 years ago by developing the systems for the F-18 aircrafts. From then on, Indra has continued delivering customised solutions for aircrafts, helicopters and vehicles.

Nowadays, Indra is an indisputable leader in the design of this kind of systems in the European Defence market and is one of the main global manufacturers of this type of technology worldwide. Among its main clients at international level we can mention the US Navy, who the company has been supplying with maintenance automatic systems for the AV-8B and F-18 aircrafts for more than 10 years.

Indra is the premier Information Technology company in Spain and a leading IT multinational in Europe and Latin America. It is ranked as the second European company in its sector according to stock market capitalisation, and also the second Spanish company with the most investment in R&D. In 2008, revenues reached € 2,380 M, of which a third came from the international market. The company employs more than 29,000 professionals and has clients in more than 100 countries.