Informatics and Information Security Research Center

Issue 52 - April 2014

The biggest R&D Center of TÜBİTAK and Turkey provides our country with innovative and national solutions for its technological needs thanks to our researches in the fields of information security, communications, information technologies, cyber security, software technologies, microelectronics, optoelectronics and advanced electronics. With our entirely domestic, military and civilian technologies developed in highly secure operating environment, BİLGEM contributes to our national security. Additionally, the Center supports the country’s competitive power through its products being exported to the NATO and the international arena. With our qualified staff, we take firm steps in directing the current technological developments both at home and abroad and in shaping the future’s technology. 

In the forthcoming term, we aspire to enhance cooperation with foreign countries. Thus, we aim at providing the friendly countries with high-technology products through the selling and technology transfer of the mentioned products. In the same vein, we aim at establishing closer ties with industry and contributing more to our economy and R&D experiences. We highly believe in the fact that these goals will further strengthen success of the country escalating to become a world power     in technological fields.