INFORMATIK A.S. Company Profile & Short Presentation

Informatik, founded in 1988, is one of the first companies to provide COMPLETE turnkey

Issue 8 - January 2008

In order to provide leading-edge solutions and services for the designated markets, Informatik carefully selected and established partnership relations with world-class software vendors
such as PTC-Parametric Technology Corporation, BOEING Autometrics, PCI-Geomatics, Altium etc. Informatik has been successfully representing
these leading technology companies for more than 18 years. In close cooperation with these endors,
Informatik, provides turn-key engineering solutions & services for the top 500 industrial groups and SMBs (Small & Medium Size Businesses) in Turkey. Being first in this segment of the market, Informatik has been in close cooperation
also with Universities and Research institutions in order to be able to solve complex issues related to customer problems & projects. One of
the main differentiators of Informatik is to invest heavily in expertise and experienced engineering team within the organization. Nevertheless, if there is a need for a project, we expand our expertise with Universities or international partners. For more than 18 years, Informatik has gained very valuable expertise and reputation as a trustable partner for many
leading industrial companies in different
sectors ranging from Consumer Electronics & White Goods, Manufacturing,Machinery,Automotive, Defence, Aerospace, Telecommunication, and Mold Makers etc.
Our product line is as follows:
• High-speed Machining for
Toolmaking and Precision
Machining- Pro/TOOLMAKER
• Product Lifecycle Management
(PLM) -Windchill
• Technical Illustrations - Arbortext
• Engineering Calculations -
• Electronic Product Development
System – Altium Designer
• Geographic Information Systems,
Numerical Map
Generation,Remote Sensing -
• Object-Oriented Remote Sensing
Solutions - eCognition
• Integrated Defence Systems
Solutions - SoftPlotter
• Highways and Railways Design
Solutions - MX
With above described products, we have been able to serve the most demanding projects from leading
industrial companies for many years. This process has been a benefit to build up an organizational culture for quality and timely delivery. We work continuously & systematically to improve our abilities, capabilities and capacity in order to prepare ourselves for even
more challenging projects, which are ahead of us, as part of rapidly growing domestic & internationalization of the manufacturing environment in different industries.