International Anatolian Phoenix 2021

Carried out with the Participation of Qatar - Azerbaijan - Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkey

Date: Issue 108 - July 2021

International Anatolian Phoenix 2021 Exercise was held during 24 May - 04 June 2021 with the participation of national and foreign elements at the 3rd Main Jet Base Command in Konya. The event was hosted by AKEM (Anatolian Eagle Training Centre Command). Since 2009, the Anatolian Phoenix Military Exercises have been executed at the 3rd Main Jet Base Command in Konya periodically, twice a every year to increase the level of experience required by the current and future’s combat zone and to execute the training of the “Personnel Rescue Task Force” elements in the real-like operational environment. One period of the military exercise has been carried out nationally and the other internationally, since 2012.

The exercise aims to test and develop the command control process as part of the Personnel Rescue (PR) Operation, test the interoperability of the PR Task Force elements (Helicopter, JTAC (Advanced Joint Terminal Attack Controllers), PR and CSAR teams) with the Air Force elements (Fighter jets, Command Control Aircraft and UAV pilots) in the combat zone, develop the “Survival and Escape and Evasion” methods and increase the training level of the pilots and within the scope of Joint and/or Combined Operations plan and execute the tasks such as Personnel Rescue (PR), Close Air Support (CAS), Dynamic Targeting (DT), Time-Sensitive Targeting (TST) by including them in the military exercise scenarios, develop the level of interoperability with other countries and identify areas of cooperation.