IP in Turkey: Developing and Protecting the Future of Turkish Economy

Ahmet Keşoğlu, Research Analyst, Frost and Sullivan

Date: Issue 43 - May 2013


In the last 10 years, economic development in Turkey has accelerated due to the sustainable political stability and increasing production in the country. Economic growth was reported as 6.5 on average per cent for the last decade and GDP was accounted as $773 billion in 2011. Turkish economy also recovered very fast in 2009 after experiencing around 4 per cent recession because of the global financial crisis. Due to proven strong financial situation attracted many multinational companies to Turkey like Huawei, Microsoft, 3M and so on. In other words, Turkey is on the edge of investing to R&D and fostering high-end production thanks to the globally integrated strong financial conditions. At this point, Turkish government and policy makers should utilize this opportunity by providing ‘’Intellectual Property’’ protection to companies, universities and techno centres.  Apart from the well economic conditions, increasing interest for R&D to pursue 100 per cent local production in some industries such as automotive, defence and ICT are spurring need for well-developed Intellectual Property protection in Turkey.