Irish Defence Forces Award New Military Bridging Contract to WFEL

Date: Issue 117 - October 2022

WFEL, the world leading supplier of rapidly deployable military bridges, has signed a contract with the Irish Defence Forces for the supply of the MGB Medium Girder Bridging System.  The Irish Defence Forces have chosen the 31m double-storey MGB variant, which can be erected in various configurations to cover the full range of military and emergency bridging requirements and will be supplied complete with handrails, making the system adaptable for use not only during military operations but also in Disaster Relief and Emergency scenarios, such as the severe flooding situations seen in Europe recently.

The Irish Military has been a user of WFEL's MGB Medium Girder Bridging System since the late 1970s and is, therefore, already familiar with the many benefits of this versatile, modular bridging system.  The Corps of Engineers - the military engineering branch of the Defence Forces of Ireland - will take delivery of the new MGB bridging.  The Corps is responsible for combat engineering and construction engineering services, providing engineering on the battlefield, and has successfully leveraged its skill and expertise in several of the Irish Army's deployments on United Nations operations.