``It is Our Most Important Responsibility to Ensure the Air Vehicles in the Inventory to Perform Their Tasks Safely and Effectively``

The maintenance / repair activities of air vehicles of different types and characteristics in the Naval Air Command`s inventory are executed at the highest level by the Naval Maintenance Command located at Topel Naval Air Main Base Command. During our visit to Topel Naval Air Main Base Command, the center where "Operations, Training, Logistics and Maintenance" activities are carried out in an integrated manner, we had a brief interview with the Maintenance Commander Cdr. Erkan AKDERELİ on the history of the Command, the maintenance / repair services provided for the air vehicles in the inventory within the framework of the Base Level Maintenance Concept, and the activities carried out to further improve the existing maintenance, repair and maintenance infrastructure.

Date: Issue 107 - June 2021

Defence Turkey: Could you inform us about the historical development of the maintenance activities for Naval Aircraft?

Commander Erkan AKDERELİ: Upon the emergence of the Turkish Naval Aviation, the Maintenance Command has been continuing its activities together with its personnel in order to support the maintenance and repair activities of the naval aircraft in the inventory. Considering the issues detailed in the reports on the establishment of Turkish Naval Aviation, it is seen that the idea of performing the maintenance activities for naval aircraft dates back to 1912.