Italian and Turkish Air Force to Enhance Mutual Cooperation

Defence Turkey Magazine interviewed Italian

Issue 51 - March 2014

Defence Turkey General, first of all thank you very much for this interview. Could you give us some information on the achievements and developments accomplished in Italian Air Force in recent years?

The need for the Air Force is to be dynamically adaptable to the changes. It is necessary a transformation, already in progress, in order to be prepared in front of the mutability of scenarios and of consequent, likely options of intervention. With regard to the Italian Air Force (ItAF), the overall concept of its transformation is inspired to an Air Force agile, flexible, interoperable, projectable, highly technological, and, above all, professionally prepared and ethically inspired. An Air Force able to match the fulfilment of the ‘traditional’ tasks, such as the defence of the national air space also towards new threats, with the new expectations and need of security for the Country, which come from the general contest of relations and international alliances. We are achieving this by reducing and concentrating the combat activities on a smaller number of Main Operating Bases (MOB), while at the same time dismissing infrastructures which are no more functional to our core business.