Italian Defence Industry and Turkish Cooperation

Date: Issue 14 - January 2009

TAI?s relations with Italian defense industry started in 1991 with the co-production of SF-260D trainer aircraft to meet the requirements of the Turkish Air Force (TAF). Following that program, there was a long gap until 2004. Currently, TAI is working with some leading Italian aerospace companies such as Alenia Aeronautica, AgustaWestland and Selex.
Alenia Aeronautica Meltem-II Program
(Modification of ATR-72 to Maritime Patrol Aircraft)
Boeing 787 Elevator, Cargo Barrier, Body Seal
AgustaWestland ATAK Helicopter Program
AW-139 Fuselage
Selex A400M, HURKUS, C130 Avionics Modernization Program

In the ATAK, B787 Cargo Barrier & Body Seal and Meltem-II programs, the scope of business covers the design activities. The details of ATAK Helicopter Program, including the business model are given below separately due to the fact that the model mostly representing SSM?s expectations in the local prime contractor model based on the customization of the platform and the systems for Turkish unique requirements.
In the near future, TAI will be starting working with Telespazio through the Göktürk-1 observation satellite program.

ATAK Program:
The Turkish Attack and Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter Program (ATAK Program) was initiated with the aim to meet the 50 firm and 41 optional Attack/Tactical Reconnaissance Helicopter requirements of the Turkish Land Forces Command (TLF) by the integration of state-of-the-art avionic equipment, hardware and software. AgustaWestland was announced as the winning bidder at the March 30, 2007 meeting of the Turkish Defense Industry Executive Committee.
The T129 ATAK Helicopter shall be equipped with not only modern and proven weapon systems, but also avionic and weapon systems designed and produced indigenously. The high performance new engine, Automatic Flight Control System and Air Vehicle Monitoring System will be integrated by AgustaWestland, one of the global leaders in rotorcraft industry.
With the Collaboration Agreement, signed between TAI and AgustaWestland, world-wide marketing of the T129 shall be jointly performed. As part of the Collaboration Agreement, AgustaWestland and TAI are jointly preparing and submitting proposals to various international tenders.