Italian Navy Receives First NH90 NFH in FOC

Issue 49 - January 2014

AgustaWestland  announced that the Italian Navy has taken delivery of its first NH90 NFH helicopter in Full Operational Capability (or Step B) configuration. The helicopter will be assigned to the 5th Helicopter Squadron of the Italian Navy based at the Sarzana-Luni base. The Italian Navy has ordered 56 NH90s, 46 of which in the NFH variant, part of its modernization plan in order to bring its capabilities to the latest technological standards.

The Step B configuration features a range of significant advancements in mission capability including weapon systems integration for both air-to-surface missiles and torpedoes, advanced satellite and encrypted communications, a further expanded envelop for ship-based operations and in demanding weather conditions, radar and avionics capability enhancements. Starting next year, the five previously delivered Step A (MOC, Meaningful Operation Capability) helicopters will begin to be retrofitted to bring them to the final configuration.